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  • Corporate and Business Solutions

    Grow your business with our services!.

    The SMS corporate services can be used for medium companies to large scale corporations for increasing the performance of work in any department of your organization. For example, you can use SMS as a way to remind salesmen of customer appointments. In the case of urgent situations, your systems can send an alert SMS to the response team or person.

    SMS Markaz provides add-on codes which can be used by your programmers or technicians to add a programming code into your systems. We provide four products for the corporate client which covers all your SMS needs.

    • SMS Monitoring
      You need someone to monitor your systems 24 hours 7 days a week. Our SMS monitoring can help you. With our services, you no longer need staff to monitor your systems. We provide SMS monitoring with source codes which can be added on to your existing system. This ensures that when your networks, hardware or software systems go down, the SMS Monitoring will send an SMS to your engineer.
    • Alert SMS
      In many industries, alert or warning systems are necessary to have as an integral part of your core software system. When a critical situation or other problem arises, the SMS alert will bring this to your attention. For example, in the case of low inventory levels, the systems will send an SMS alert warning to you. This alert SMS can be adapted to function in a multitude of tasks.
    • SMS Scheduler
      Schedule your SMS messages on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis. The SMS Reminder can help remind you of everything. For example :
        • In the sales department, salesmen may want to be reminded of a client's birthday. SMS Markaz SMS systems can automatically send a birthday SMS to a client's customer.
        • When staff has an important meeting, SMS Markaz SMS systems can send an SMS to remind everyone who is involved in the meeting.
        • Schedules can be programmed so that daily, weekly, or monthly reports can be sent to you at your convenience.
    • Bill Reminders
      Remind clients that they are late in their bill payments, you can also send your invoice details and payment approval messages
    • SMS for Client Support
      SMS Markaz provides the SMS solution to help you impress your clients which can be adapted for use in many different areas of business. We customize SMS services to suit your requirements. Here are some example of SMS for client supports.
        • Sending reminder SMS to an end-user. For example, in the hospital, when the patient goes back home, the hospital can send an SMS to remind the patient to take medication, or a DVD rental store can send an SMS reminder to the end-user to return overdue DVD's.
        • When a garage or car repair shop needs to inform their customer that their car is ready to be picked up, the SMS system can let the client's customer know.
        • A school or college can inform the parents about the attendance of their child, his/her academic reports and general announcements of the institute.
    Benefit of SMS corporate services
    • Access to all mobile networks in Pakistan
    • Low cost
    • Brand awareness
    • Increase strength to your systems with SMS monitoring
    • Convenience
    • Reduce the man power
    • Fail-safe systems for complete reliability
    • Highly competitive message prices.

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