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  • Two Way Messeging!

    Send messages and receive instant replies in your inbox!

    SMS Markaz offers you a real time "Two Way Messaging" platform which allows you to receive SMS, besides sending SMS. This allows you complete flexibility in managing your incoming messages.

    You can also receive SMS messages when you are not online using "Unique ID" services (see below). Your incoming messages are stored in your secure online account automatically, even if you are not online. You can check your inbox by clicking on the "Inbox" link on the top menu in your secure online account.

    Selecting SMS Forwarding allows you to enter a mobile number where all received messages will be forwarded. You do not need be logged in to SMS Markaz for the messages to be forwarded. A copy of received messages will still be available in your Inbox.

    SMS Reply service
    When you send a message from SMS Markaz to some one in Pakistan and they reply you back (on the same number from where they received the SMS) within 30 minutes the message will be moved to your inbox immediately.

    However if they are not available to reply you in 30 minutes or they want to send you a message when you are not online than they can use the "Unique ID" based service.

    Unique ID based service
    The offline Two-way SMS feature works using a 'Unique ID' as identifier of your messages. The Unique ID should be 6 characters long. You can specify Unique ID (such as abbreviated form of your "Nick Name", "BrandName" or "CompanyName"). You can choose the Unique ID while registration, this Unique ID can not be changed. So be careful before selecting it.

    This Unique ID needs to be used in the format, while sending SMS from mobile

    Format : UniqueID  Message ( UniqueID Space Message )

    Example: fahad80 Hello Fahad, how are you doing?
    (In above example "fahad80" is the Unique Id and after the space the message starts.)

    The both services are available on all paid packages by default!.

    The person sending you a message will be charged LOCAL SMS Charges as per their mobile package plan. Save your and your family & friend's money and stay in touch with every one!. more...

    Click here  for detailed instructions and online manual of two way messaging in our knowledge base