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  • SMS Forwarding

    Forward your incoming messages any where you want!

    SMS-Markaz has a very innovative SMS forwarding system, that can forward your incoming SMS messages to mobile phone and your email address in seconds.

    Forwarding on your Mobile.
    Selecting SMS Forwarding allows you to enter a mobile number where all received messages will be forwarded. You do not need be logged in to SMS Markaz for the messages to be forwarded. A copy of received messages will still be available in your Inbox.

    The forwarded SMS will contain the original mobile number of the sender, means the message you will receive will have the number of the person who tried to send you the SMS. If you reply back to that message that will be sent directly to the original sender! 

    Standard International SMS rates will be applicable on all forwarded SMS to your mobiles. Click here to check our rates and network coverage.

    Sajid is living in London, he has setup SMS forwarding on Huma's mobile number. Whenever Huma will send a message to Sajid on SMS Markaz's dedicated numbers the system will forward the SMS to Sajid's registered mobile number. Sajid will get the SMS in seconds, Sajid will get the message from Huma's number. So when Sajid will reply back to the message from his mobile that will be delivered on Huma's number instantly.

    Forwarding to your Email.
    You can forward the emails to your web mail, business email, blackberry or any email server. The Email forwarding is a free service!.

    Click here  for detailed instructions and online manual of our forwarding services.